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Business Plan

Growth of Business

Business Plan & Explanation

  • When you become a member you also become a Jr consultant.
  • Above you is a sr. consultant who guides you and show you how business is to be done.
  • We expand the company by making new members / consultants through presentations.
  • When you bring your first member and create your first j.c you get comm  .Of Rs 600/- but at the same time your s.c will get comm.of Rs 1500/-.
  • You will obviously feel that s.c  is  a great place to be in; how can I become s.c ?
  • It is very simple; you have to introduce just two j.Cs to become senior consultant. you have done it once so late do it again.
  • So you come for next presentation and introduce second j.c for which you again get a comm.   of Rs 600/- and your s.c get comm. of Rs 1500/-.
  • Now according to the company's policy you have qualified to become a senior consultant in your own right.







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