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Growth of Business


Growth of Business & Income


  • After you become s.c. you introduce one j.c; you get comm. of Rs. 2100/- i.e after becoming a s.c. for every direct member you bring you get comm.
  • Now your this j.c also wants to become s.c so he will bring two j.Cs for which he will get comm. of Rs. 600/- per j.c but you will get comm. of Rs1500/- per j.c  Introduced by your j.c.
  • As per company policy your j.c has introduced to j.c . so he will become s.c. now but he will leave two j.Cs who will work for you & with you.
  • This two j.Cs also want to grow and become s.c so they will bring 2+2 members and become s.c but you will get four j.Cs working under you.
  • Like wise these for bring eight,8 bring Rs 16,32,64,128......... and you get healthy comm. on all your indirect membership enrolled by your j.Cs.
  • Parallel you can also bring direct member and earn Rs. 2100/- per membership and start more down lines.




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Last modified: September 14, 2000