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  1. This packges for two night valid in off seasons only i.e. except Diwali ,summer and christmas holiday.
  2. The member shall have to inform the company atleast 15-45 days in advance form the date when the member propose to avail form the holyday plan clearly specifying in the destination, date from which member want to avail of the plan .
  3. The member shall have to obtain written room reservation confirmed from the company's office.
  4. Confirmation as regards availability of the hotel accomodation in the affiliated hotel at destination are valid only if issued by STATUS HOLIDAY in writing.
  5. the destinations and hotel/resort under any holiday  plan may be changed /reviewed by the company whithout  information the member
  6. Once on accommodation has been reserved at the hotel at request of the members the same shall be treated as utilised unless a written request for cancellation /modification is not received by the company at least 10 days prior form the member with cancellation charges.
  7.  This holyday package is non-transferable and nongiftable.
  8. The member shall be solely responsible for any demage/ loss caused by them , shall comply with the and missing from the accommodation and their departure and of avails of extra facilities shall be responsible to pay the hotel on departure.
  9. The member shall be governed by all the rules & regulations of an affilited hotel as regarded the check -in , check out timings food available and other comfort available at such hotels.
  10. The accommodation being provided to the member shall be one twin sharing basis meant for 2 adults& 2 children below 12 years without extra bed.
  11. The company reserves its rights to cancel / terminate/ revoke/ suspend membership in the event of any misuse of the rights franted to such members without disclose the reasons.
  12. We can not guarantee in any manner that any particular request of destination, travel date, type of accommodation shall be met. the company shall try to offer the member whatever best alternative choice which are available.
  13. The company reserved the rights to amend/cancel/add/subtract any terms and condition or any part there of any time without giving the members any prior notice.
  14. Any payment received towards membership either part/full will be non-refundable.
  15. Hotel services will be provide by company, no JCs or SCs are responsible for that.

            Agency acceptance and commission structure:-

                    The intending purchasers shall have demand 

        to have completaly  understood the schems and membership entitlements offer all neccessity verification, an thier signing of the application.

                        The member upon  paying of the minimum membership fees also become agents for selling  the membership  ''FORTUNET'' the agent of the business . they shall be entitled to the following commission subject to the terms & condition 

              10 % for the first two members.

              35 % for all other direct sales there after.

              25 % for all the indirect sales ( i.e. members made by this sub -agent )

        Agent members shall have completely understood the schemes & membership entitlements, for the propose of selling, having understood and agreed to the above the member has approach the company to become an agent . the company shall not be liable for anything promise , wheather  directly or implied , in excess of the actual membership entitlements, or any other false represantation made to intentding  purchasers by the agents/member.

       The members shall have  be completely responsible for explain anything about the product package to the intending purchaser.    agent/members shall have no other that the commission agreed.

       The sale by the member shall be demand complete procedure of the membership completed, including of full membership fees.

       All disputes subject to SURAT   jurisdiction.  



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