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We  warmly welcome you for joining  STATUS HOLYDAY  as a junior consultants where by you can market your product and earn handsome commissions on that. following are the terms & conditions that you will observe and follow all the times.

  1. Whatever payment received either part or full towards a membership is  nonrefundable. 
  2. Minimum payment that can  be accepted towards a membership is Rs.3500/-, which Entitles the consultant to take part in binary marketing only . Remaining benefits can be availed only on the full payment.
  3. If there are any doubts or if you require assistance in explaining the membership you will always take help of your senior consultant or concerned marketing manager.
  4. You should always  accompany your guests at the presentation and also see to it that they  observe good discipline needed  for peaceful and smooth functioning of the presentation.
  5. The consultant can call the guest  on the presentation only after prior company confirmation.
  6. All consultant is requested to carry their membership card or receipt and show it to the concerned authority at the presentation whenever asked for.   
  7. Consultants should always accompany their invited  guest at presentation at look after them.
  8. Consultants found to be misrepresenting about the concept or giving wrong commitments will be liable for termination.
  9. All consultants  are expected to follow fair business practice and refrain from unethical business practice like cross line sale .(i.e.  .Approaching other consultant down line).
  10. Consultant can used the stationery of the company for business growth.
  11. Consultants are eligible for commission on their individual ( Direct & Indirect ) sales as per the terms & conditions.
  12. Consultant are expected  to attend all Training / motivational meetings held by company . they should also observe proper discipline & dress code whenever they attend such meetings or presentations.   


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Last modified: September 25, 2000